Volunteering is for Everyone

Volunteers give their skills, life experience, time and expertise to the community which increase the capacity of community organisations to deliver their services. You don't need special skills – all you need is a willingness to give your time and effort for the benefit of your community. 



Some of the reasons people volunteer are:


        supporting a cause they believe in or are passionate about

        learning new skills and trying something different

        staying active, meeting people and having fun

        giving back to the community and feeling good

        using their professional skills and knowledge to benefit others

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Volunteering also offers opportunities for people who are unemployed to maintain existing skills and to develop new ones. The benefits can include:


        developing new contacts and relationships 

        exposure to job opportunities as they arise 

        obtaining references to help with finding a job 

        enhancing a resume 

        the opportunity to gain valuable experience


Volunteering is for everyone. In 2015 over 2.3 million people in NSW volunteered. People of all nationalities and all walks of life volunteer. They can be young or old, male or female, working or not, retired, studying or anything in between.


You can volunteer for as little as 1 hour per fortnight, up to a recommended maximum of 15 hours per week in any one volunteer role. 

Phone our office on 4329 7122 and we can book you into an individual interview at a time and location that suits you.

You can phone our office on 4329 7122 and we can book you into an information session or you can book online.

Volunteering Definition

 Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain.


For the common good means that volunteering should directly or indirectly benefit people outside the family or household or else benefit a cause, even though the person volunteering normally benefits as well. Volunteering is often considered as contributing to community wellbeing.


Without financial gain means that volunteers are not paid but they can receive a reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses depending on the organisation for whom they volunteer. Volunteers are rewarded and recognised as part of good practice.


Volunteering is a two-way relationship that provides an opportunity for organisations to achieve their goals by involving volunteers in their activities, and for volunteers to make meaningful use of their time and skills, contributing to social and community outcomes.


Volunteer roles typically fall into three main categories: 


Ongoing:             a few hours a week on a medium to long-term basis 

Short-term:        project work with a start and finish date 

Special event:   often taking place at weekends – usually a single day at an event 


All organisations will provide volunteers with on-the-job training. There may be other types of training such as induction to help you understand the culture and values of the organisation for which you are volunteering. 

Police and Working with Children Checks

 Depending on the type of volunteering role, the not-for-profit organisation may ask you to undergo a police check and/or a working with children check. These are generally required if you will be working with people who are vulnerable, such as the frail aged, people living with disability and children. A criminal record will not automatically disqualify you from volunteering.

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The Process

Getting started is easy! All potential volunteers are invited to attend a general information session called Bridge to Volunteering (or B2V). These sessions are designed for people who are either starting out as a volunteer or for those who would like to know more about working as a volunteer in the community sector and what roles might be available. 



Bridge to Volunteering information sessions are free and run for approximately an hour at various locations across the Central Coast. Topics include:


        What is volunteering 

        The benefits of volunteering 

        Volunteer rights and responsibilities 

        Preparing to volunteer 

        Types of roles that may be available 


Volunteering Central Coast Office, 6/31 Dwyer St, North Gosford (close to railway line – off Mann St)

Once a month on Thursdays  |  9.30am  |  Dates: 25/1,  22/2,  15/3,  22/3,  5/4,  19/4, 26/4,  10/5,  14/6,  28/6,  12/7,  26/7,  2/8,  23/8,  6/9,  20/9,  4/10,  18/10,  1/11,  8/11,  22/11,  6/12



Peninsula Community Centre, 93 McMasters Road, Woy Woy (corner of Ocean Beach Road)

Once a month on Mondays  |  9.30am  |  Dates: 12/2,  12/3,  9/4,  14/5,  5/6,  3/7,  13/8,  10/9,  8/10,  12/11,  4/12



The Entrance Community Centre, The Entrance (corner of Oakland Avenue and Battley Avenue)

Held once every two months on Wednesday of Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov  |  9.30am  |  Dates: 22/1,  26/3,  28/5,  30/7,  24/9,  26/11



St Vincent de Paul Building, 47 Howarth Street, Wyong

Second Tuesday of each month  |  10.00am  |  Dates: 13/2,  13/3,  10/4,  15/5,  12/6,  3/7,  14/8,  11/9,  16/10,  13/11,  04/12



Lakeland Community Centre, 3 Literary Close, Kanwal (off Heritage Drive behind Kanwal shops)

Held once every two months on Wednesday of Feb, May, June, Aug, Oct  |  9.30am  |  Dates: 28/2,  2/5,  27/6,  29/8,  24/10

Individual Interviews

Once you have been to an information session, or if you have volunteered before, you can book in for an interview with one of our experienced interviewers. Our interviewers are trained to assist potential volunteers to choose a suitable role, from one of the many volunteer positions we have registered with us. We interview at several locations across the Central Coast from as far north as Lake Munmorah down to Woy Woy. 



It is helpful to ask yourself a few questions before undertaking volunteer work:


        Why do I want to volunteer at this time?

        How much time – realistically – can I commit to a volunteering role?

        What kind of volunteer work do I want to do?

        What type of work doesn’t interest me at all? 

        What do I want to get out of my voluntary work?


By answering these questions, you and your interviewer will be able to target the right organisations to approach. 

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Our Services:

The CVS aims to enrich the quality of life of socially isolated people living in aged care residential facilities who are lonely and would benefit from a friendly visitor.​

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Whether you are interested in finding or becoming an event volunteer, Volunteering Central Coast can help you.


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